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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

United State’s people celebrate this occasion on 4th Thursday of the November of every year. Most of the festivals will be held on or before of the harvesting in every country. Many people will enjoy the festivals if they have good money in hand. At the same time Thanksgiving Day also celebrates by the Americans on the harvest cycle. Usually Thanks Giving Day originally brought from the Europe obviously they will celebrate the festival for thanks for a best harvest. Europeans migrated to United States long back so they brought the harvesting tradition to United States and the same followed by Americans and it become a tradition to US citizens.

Actually the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated in 1619 in Virginia by few leaders for the anniversary settlement. Officially it was celebrated in 1621 in Plymouth because of good harvesting. Right Now, the same tradition is continuing by Americans.  

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                                VERY HAPPY

                          THANKSGIVING DAY

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'Thanksgiving' is poorly written.