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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

                                          LESSON – 6

                                 KINDS OF SENTENCES:

There are four kinds of sentences.  Each kind expresses a complete thought and each kind needs a specific end punctuation.   Here are the rules and examples.

Kind-1 :  Declarative Sentence

          A declarative sentence tells something.  It ends with a full stop (.).

          Examples:  Tomorrow is a holiday.

                         Ronald took his laptop on the trip.

Kind-2:  Interrogative Sentence

An interrogative sentence asks a question.  It ends with a question      mark (?).

          Examples:  Where did you go?

                             Which book are you reading?

Kind- 3:  Imperative Sentence

          An imperative sentence requests, instructs, or orders.  It usually ends with a full stop (.). When an imperative sentence shows strong feeling, it ends with an exclamation point (!).

          Examples: Get out of here!

                          Open the front door.

Kind – 4: Exclamatory Sentence:

          An exclamatory sentence expresses strong feelings such as sorrow, joy, surprise, or anger.  It ends with an exclamation point (!).

          Examples:  What a surprise this is!

                             How awful!


1.     Turn off the lights, please

2.     What happened

3.     I am tired

4.     Try these new dessert

5.     Bravo

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