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Saturday, June 4, 2011


1. Go to qualifications and complete as many as you can.

2. If you are having low accuracy rates then work for Doleres Labs. They pays very less amount but even they rejected your work that will effects on your accuracy rate.

3. Best requesters are Delify, Russell Jones, Venue Quality, Scott Koznek, Sara Spencer, Amazonr Reauester Inc. (Product Ads), Francisco Tirado, Scott Fulford.

4. Don't ignore surveys. 99% surveys will be approved for payment.

5. Read instruction carefully for each assignment. 


riazresearch said...

Well said, You have made nice amount from Mturk. I am just a beginner. Do you know Oscar Smith's Hits for filling some text fields from Business Cards. He never reject your works even if you made mistakes.

Also as a tip I would like to add one. Don't attempt or submit a hit that you don't have no idea about it.

ziakrami said...

Oscar Smith doesn't reject HITs but I have completed almost 100 HITs. All are approved but i didn't receive any payment.

Appreciate if you let me know what is the procedure Oscar Smith follow for the payment.

Riazresearch, Please let me know if you have received any payment from Oscar Smith.

ziakrami said...

I received payment from Oscar Smith.

Thank you.