Tuesday, July 19, 2011



What is a sentence?

A sentence is a group of words that make complete sense.   When you write a sentence make sure it answers two important questions: Who or What did it?  By answering these questions in a sentence, you will express a complete thought.

          Example:  Last Friday, Alice broke her arm.

          Who did it?  Alice

          What happened to Alice?  She broke her arm.

In the example, both questions are answered, and the thought is complete.  If group of words does not answer both questions, it is not a complete sentence.

          Example:   A big bag of potatos

 The example does not give enough information.   It doesn't answer the question What happened?  So, it is only a part of sentence or a sentence fragment.  By adding words to a fragment, you can form a complete sentence.

          Example:  A big bag of potatos fell to the floor.

IDENTIFY THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES -- (Find out whether they are complete sentences or fragments):

1.  The car at the corner ( s  )

2.  The alarm rang early this morning (   )

3.  The moon behind the clouds  (    )

4.   Slowly climbed the ladder   (    )

5.   Waves splashed against the rocks (    )

Answer these questions:

A.  What is a sentence?

B.  What is a fragment?

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