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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

            LESSON – 4

                                        THE  SIMPLE SUBJECT :

Every verb has a subject in a sentence.  The most important word in the complete sentence is simple subject.  It is also called the subject of the verb.

In order to find the subject of the verb,  we should find the verb first.  After finding it, ask who? or what? before the verb. 

      The ecstatic audience clapped.

      What is the verb here? Clapped

      Who or what clapped? The Audience.

      So, the audience is the subject of the verb clapped.

      The massive lion frightened the zoo keeper.

      What is the verb here? Frightened

      Who or what frightened? The lion

      So, lion is the subject of the verb frightened.


(Find subjects and verbs)

1.      The blue car is ours
2.      An old dog was brought to the kennel.

3.      In kung fu class, we learnt grappling.

4.      Relentless rains often flood the streets.

5.      In December, we travel to Africa.

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