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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

                                 IRREGULAR VERBS – 1

An irregular verb does not form its past and past participle form by adding – ed or – d to the present form.  Irregular verbs have special past forms.

PRESENT                   PAST                   PAST PARTICIPLE

Eat                               ate                            (have) eaten

Remember these rules when forming the past tense of irregular verbs:

1.     The past form is used alone without a helping verb.

2.     The past participle must be used with a helping verb.

The most common helping verbs used with the past participle are forms of be or have.

These are the principle parts of some common irregular verbs:

PRESENT              PAST                  PAST PARTICIPLE

Begin                    began                    (have) begun

Bring                     brought                 (have) brought

Go                        went                      (have) gone

Teach                    taught                    (have) taught

Know                    knew                     (have) known

Drink                     drank                     (have) drunk


1.     For years, cowboys have (done, driven) cattle along the plains.

2.     Have you ever (run, ran) in a marathon?

3.     That fish has (stole, stolen) my bait again.

4.     All of the juice has been (drank, drunk).

5.     Has he (did, done) what he promised?


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