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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

                          DIRECT OBJECTS OF THE VERB :

A direct object is a noun or pronoun that follows an action verb.  It completes the action of the verb.  To find a direct object, first find the verb.  Then ask whom? Or what? after the verb.  The word that answers whom? Or what? is the direct object.

Example:  Peppy played soccer all Sunday morning.

                Verb: Played

                Played what? Soccer.

The direct object is soccer.

If you cannot answer the questions whom? Or what? There are no direct object.

     Peppy is resting today.

     Peppy is resting what?

You cannot answer the question what? Thus, there is no direct object.


1.     Janet draws pictures well.

2.     Can Caroline cut the grass today?

3.     The cats were climbing the trees.

4.     The cops finally solved the case.

5.     Power lines snapped during the vicious storm.


1.     Maggie made __________for lunch.

2.     The MCH workers paved the ___________.

3.     The children ate their ___________ in the park.

4.     The messy cereal covered the baby’s _____________.

5.     Are you taking a _____________ this winter?

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