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 The posterior of the proactive politician proceeds from his portly stomach.

 Smith squandered his shapely southern sash.

 Two twisted witches watched two wrist watches.

 Chester’s sister stitched Chester’s snitch.

 Sisyphus the physicist dismissed sophistic statistics.

 Sharper shoppers shop for proper copper choppers.

 A cricket critic is critically criticized.

 A shrimp ship sank a sordid sardine ship.

 Machinating Madame Marla marched magnanimously in the month of March.

 A veteran VIP vaulted violently.

 A thug thuggishly thrashed three thoroughbred thieves.

 Teddy taught a tedious tertiary taxonomy.

 Veritable victor vented his verdict vehemently.

 Wafer-thin waffles wafted waspishly on a waterfront.

 A sharp shooter shot a short, snorting snake.



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