Tuesday, September 21, 2010


      ·       A snail sailed silently in the sesame slinky street.

·       A Polish fish passed the French fish frying competition.

·  The red robin’s yodel evoked emotions in England’s English channel.

·       A fist pisst the mist with a twist in the midst.

·       A merry maid mothered a tethered monkey.

·       May I marry Mary May in the month of May?

·       A sheepish fish flew past a pish-posh Porsche.

·       A reluctant realtor resolved resolutely to register the rendition of the registrar.

·       The cool draught through the open window was very welcome.

·       He puffed and fluffed at Fallowfield.

·       Through the windows Winton Williams waved the wand.

·       The knees of the niece of Denise is deceased.

·       Exasperated ethnic Evelyn exchanged ecstatic and esthetic easter eggs.

·       Sleek silk worms slithered slinkily in the sidewalk.

·       The ambitious young officer saluted the sanctimonious, round-faced, cock-eyed, detective David.

·       Behind the white washed wall lay a lonely villa.

·       A dozen dim ding dongs.

·       Top chopstick shops stock top chopsticks.

·       A cupcake cook in a cupcake cook’s cap cooks cupcakes.

·       A fuzzy bee buzzed the buzzy busy beehive.

·       Big Ben blew big blue bubbles.

·       Black background and brown background.

·       Nothing is worth thousands of death.

·       Each easter Eddie eats eighty easter eggs.

·       Dust is disk’s worst enemy.

·       Elizabeth’s birthday is on the third Thursday on this month.

·       Did Dick Dickens prick his pinkie pickling cheap cling pinches?

·       A truck struck a tree trunk and turned over.

·       A waspish wasp lampooned lawless Larry.

·       A zealous, jealous zealot zapped a zany zebra.

·       A convent in Coventry confessed to making confectionery.

·       The word of God guards us against the wicked snares of the devil.

·       A weasel and an easel eavesdropped on egregious elders.

·       Flaccid flaxseed.

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