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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Networking Skills

A friend in the market is money in the pocket says my close acquaintance from my company.

In today’s world, the more contacts you have, the better the chance of your success.  Your friends, colleagues, past pupils of your school and college, acquaintances from your church, and people who you might meet in the bus station can become a potential contact.  Networking is all about developing collaborative, cooperative and supportive network of people.  The contacts you make may become the pillars of your success. You simply cannot survive on your own in this modern world.  So, develop contacts right now. Go out and call on your classmates whom you never met after leaving school.

How Does Networking Help You To Find a Job?

Networking skills is the life-blood if you are earning money by running a company or any enterprise.  You need contacts – the right contacts – to propel your company forward easily and smoothly with their help. 


·      Everywhere and everyone:  No restrictions.  You can network with people everywhere, at any time, and to everyone.  It all depends on your initiative, patience, confidence and luck.   You can network in a hospital, supermarket, bus station, coffee shop, or in a pub. 

·       Short-list your interests:    Make a list of all the contacts you have worked so hard to get and sort them out (prioritize them).  Keep in touch with those people – don’t forget them after making contacts.  After short-listing, develop your next plan of action.

·     Prepare an introduction about you:  When you meet people introduce yourself.  Be concise in your introduction; a two-minute introduction is more than enough.  Practice this first at home.

·        Have a business card:    Keep this handy.  Upon meeting someone, produce your card so that your potential contact has some belief in you.  Don’t scribble your name and address in a piece of paper and hand it over to them.

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