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Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer Care For Skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  It covers our muscles, veins and bones; and just like our lungs, our skin breathes.  It is made to regulate our body temperature and protects us from invading microbes. We have to care for our skin – on the outside and from the inside.  As we are well into summer, the heat takes a toll on our skin, and unless we care for it, it will shrivel away and age fast.  We can determine a person’s age by closely looking at his/her skin tone.

Our skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous.   The epidermis is known as the outer layer, the dermis is known as the middle layer, and the subcutaneous is the inner layers.  All these layers contain cells, oil glands, blood vessels, nerves, and hair follicles.  Exposing your skin damages the first layer that protects the other two layers.

During summer the heat is intense, and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause cancer and other deadly skin conditions – wrinkles, burnt patches, redness, dryness, etc.  It has to be protected by keeping it cool, by applying sun screen lotions and creams.  Protecting your skin will greatly diminish sun-related skin problems.   

Take vitamins and drink lots of fluid to keep your skin hydrated.  Here are some of the vitamins you may consider taking during summer:

  • Vitamin – C
  • Vitamin – A
  • Vitamin – E
  • Vitamin – B complex

Vitamin – A is available in the form of lotion; applying this to our skin reduces wrinkles and roughness on the surface.  Vitamin – C serum should be applied to the face every day during summer because it protects the cells in the skin from damage.  Vitamin – E cream or lotion shields our skin from tissue damage. And, vitamin – B complex cream takes care of the over all health of the skin – from A to Z.  It penetrates all the three layers of our skin and takes care of it.

You may consider using coconut oil, sesame oil or ghee to apply on your hands, neck, and face before going out in the sun.   They are powerful natural lotions that curb the harmful rays of the sun. 

Another way to protect your skin is to drink lots of water, consume fruit juices, and take frequent naps.  Doing these will rejuvenate and put a natural glow on that skin. 

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