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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Benefits of Apples

The saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is absolutely true.  This popular fruit that is available in the market throughout the year is filled with medicinal properties that can cure cancer, reduce inflammation of the joints, controls our blood sugar levels, reduces our belly fat, protects our heart, helps in our bowel movements, keeps strokes at bay, lowers our cholesterol, and controls the acid reflux in our stomach, detoxifies our body, and balances the estrogen levels.

Heart Health:  Procyanidins present in apples does two things: It lowers the blood cholesterol and protects the heart.

Cancer: Triterpinoids, a compound chemical found in the apple skins knocks off the cancer cells.  A soluble fiber in apple called Pectin fights colon cancer and acts as an inflammatory agent.

Strokes:  Eating apples daily wards off strokes. Pytonutrients, an active compound found in apples, cuts the risk of stroke in adults.

Blood Sugar:  Amylase is a power inhibitor present in apples controls our blood sugar levels by lowering it drastically.

Lung function:  Those who eat apples – at least 2 day – are known to have better function of their lungs.

Adiposity (body fat):  Visceral (belly) fat – in excess, leads to heart problems.  The polyphenols in apples play a major role is drastically cutting the excess visceral fat.

Other benefits of eating apples:  People with low hemoglobin in their blood, general weakness of the body, and disorders or the eyes can greatly benefit from eating apples.

Add fruits like apples in your daily diet to enjoy great health and long life.  God for all eternity thought of creating such fruits and vegetables so that we may enjoy and reap benefits from them.

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