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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Capitalize The Words - English Lessons

Rule -1 : Capitalize the first word of every sentence


                Hyderabad is a convivial city. 
               Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

                Rule -2 : Capitalize the first word in most lines of poetry.


                Listen my people, and you shall hear
                Of the midnight ride of Paul Rogers.
                On the eighth of March, in sixty-six,
                Hardly a man is now alive,
                Who remembers that famous day and year.

                EXERCISE (Using capital letters correctly):

                1.     when will the cricket season begin?
                2.     gemma and rita were crowned as the home coming queens.
                3.     is your birthday tomorrow?
                4.     be seated, the judge told the jurors.
                5.     scientists predict a massive quake in the 21st century.


Rule-1:  Capitalize the first word of each line of an outline.


Indians of the Great Plains

1.     Names of tribes

a.     Tipka
b.     Crow
c.      Chowmo
d.     Blackfoot

2.     Kinds of dwellings

a.     Tiple
b.     Earth lodge
c.      Moto

Rule-2:  Capitalize the first word, last word, and all important words in a title.  Do not capitalize THE, A, AN, or a short preposition (in, for, from, by) unless it comes first or last.


1.     The Island of the Lost World (book).
2.     How To Train a Dog (poem)

EXERCISE (Use quotation marks (“ “) around titles of short works such as stories, poems, etc).

1.     “The tiger and the fox” is a good short story.
2.      Our painting class is studying the Pieta
3.     My wife reads  london  times and janes defense weekly.
4.     debra has just finished reading the book, freaky ladder.
5.     I enjoyed the movie as good as it gets. 

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