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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wacky and Spooky Foods

In an exotic gourmet shop in Beijing, an assortment of animals, mostly cats, dogs, crocodiles, rats, etc., are in a cage and, when a client comes in and asks for ‘rat roast’, a specialist there grabs a couple of rats by their tails and smashed their heads on a table with a swing; they die instantly without a trace of blood.  He starts skinning and chopping them into pieces before it is seasoned and roasted.  The client relishes it between sips of beer.

In Thailand, a Makak money’s throat is slit and left to die quietly.  A cook, who is under the influence of liquor, croons a tune while he skins the monkey and cracks open its head and takes out the brain.  He then hands over the brain to a lady who fries the brain and serves it to a client.

It’s a 70 million dollars industry that caters to the taste buds of million of people across the world.   Gourmet shops in major cities serve fried ants, scorpions doused in liquor, roasted snakes, cats, dogs, bats, crocodiles and various other insects and creepy-crawlies that would make us puke with disgust and horror.  

Are they dangerous to eat?  Yes, of course.  God did not create these animals and insects for our consumption.  So, anyone who eats foods like these are at great risk of developing deadly diseases of the brain, liver, intestines and blood, etc.  Recently, doctors have been warning about cancer causing bird-nest soups that are very popular in China.  

Gourmet shops and people who supply such creatures as foods say they are beneficial for health.  No, you are not going to get any better in health but rather, in the long run, these foods are going to catch up with you; you are going to pay for it twice: Once, when you get them and they get you.  

The animals in such weird restaurants are cruelly killed so that a bunch of greedy, gluttonous men and women can eat for their good health. It is totally unethical.  The cruelty to these animals should not go unpunished.

In Chile, the Mapuche Indians kill monkeys and other endemic animals by slitting their throats and allowing the animals’ blood to bleed, and while they bleed to death, the Indians add onions and lemons to their warm blood and consume it.  They are uncivilized men and women but the civilized tourists who go there join the Indians to eat it.

Sadly, this trend of eating gross foods is spreading like fashion.  It’s time the governments across the world make concerted efforts to stop the people from killing and consuming animals such as those mentioned here in this article.   

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Anonymous said...

How can people eat such animals? There are enough chicken, mutton and fish available, why can't they eat those? My friend went to Taiwan and she was served fried worms. She said they were big but she did not eat them. People who eat animals menntioned in this article are cannibals and jungle people.