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There are three main festivals of Muslims in Islam, They are:


Let’s discuss them about their origin and other details.

MILAD UN NABI:  This is the birth day of the beloved Prophet Hazarath Mohammed Mustafa Sallah hu Wallia wah sallam. He had born in the City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which is the holy place for all the muslims of all over the world. Prophet Mohammed was orphaned at early age brought up under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. There are many Prophets of Islam, but Mohammed is the last prophet and He is the messenger of ALLAH.

Prophet Mohammed was born in 12 Rabi al Awwal, Year 11 A.H. According to Quran Prophet Mohmmed was very close to ALLAH and he is the messenger of ALLAH.  The days were very worst before the Era of Prophet Mohmmed there were no etiquettes, manners, respect or anything. The position of women before Islam was very bad. Women were used as a device of entertainment and the life of human has no value that period was called as Daur e Jahalath. But after the birth of Prophet Mohammed, the worst scenario came to its end. Prophet mohammed was sent by Allah to make end of all the sins from the world and to make people to walk on the path of humanity.

 Prophet Mohammed taught to the people of that period to follow the direction of Allah who says to walk on the path of Truth and harmony. Prophet Mohammed says there is no God except ALLAH and Mohmmed Mustafa is Allah’s messenger. The days after prophet Mohammed came to the world had a drastic change and the period of inhumanity came to end. 

The festival of MILAD UN NABI is celebrated in the joy and happiness of the birth of Prophet Mohammed it is the happiest day of all the Muslims of the World. This festival is celebrated in the entire World.

EID UL FITR: Eid is the Arabic word means festivity and Fitr means breaking of fast. EID UL FITR is the festival which is celebrated after the completion of the holy month of RAMADAN or RAMZAN. Ramzan is the holy month of Islam it is for 29 or 30 days depends on the moon. Ramzan is the most holy month in which all the Muslims all over the world keep fasting by not eating or drinking anything until sunset. Prophet Mohammad struggled a lot in this month to spread Islam in different places by being hungry and thirsty and the Holy Quran also came to the earth in this holy month of Ramzan. So the people follow the steps of their beloved prophet. So after completing the holy month they celebrate the festival called EID UL FITR.

People use to wake up early for Fajr Salah (the prayer of early morning) they wear new clothes and offer EID salah in Eidgahs or Masjids near to their areas. People specially children will more excited on that day because they will get money from their elders which is called EIDY and gifts. This is most enjoyable festival of all the muslim throughout the world. The salah or namaz of Eid will be special and it is not a regular it is apart from all regular namaz. The people also donate money or clothes to the poor and needy people which is called as ZAKATH. This is the most important and its compulsory for those who are financially strong.

EID UL ADHA (BAKRID): Eid ul Adha is the festival of Sacrifice. This is celebrated in the holy month of Zil hajj. Eid ul adha is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a sheep to sacrifice instead. Once Ibrahim was commanded by God to sacrifice his most precious thing and Ibrahim once got a dream that he is slaughtering his son ismail. He followed the order of the god and told his son ismail that it’s the God will that I must lost you for God in way of sacrifice. Ismail by listening this had not shown any sort of hesitation and he was agree and told to his father that he is ready for sacrifice if it is Allah’s will. While his prepration of the command given by allah, ismail was getting his mind diverted by the devils which is called Shaitaan, but ismail rejected all their efforts which it make to divert the mind of Ismail.

        When Ibrahim with his son Ismail was about to perform the act of slaughtering his son before that Ibrahim was crying but his son and Ibrahim himself had lot of faith in Allah then while slaughtering Ibrahim found a goat was gotten slaughter in place of Ismail. So that means Allah was just taking a test of Ibrahim to know how much he believes in Allah. And he got success in his test of sacrifice.

So that’s why all the Muslims on the eve of EID UL ADHA will slaughter the animal in the name of Allah. On the day of EID UL ADHA all the people got up early in the morning to offer fajr salah after taking bath which is called Ghusl and wear new clothes and they also offer namaz of EID which is special. After namaz all the muslims greet each other by saying EID MUBARAK to each other. It is the day with full of enjoyment. People of all ages will be happy and excited on that day. They go to meet their family members to greet them and people specially children will be happier because they get lots of gifts and money. Eid ul Adha is celebrated throughout the world.

These festivals not only spread happiness but also they spread harmony and peace in the world. It is mostly observed that people of different religions also greet each other and they meet to Muslims and greet them by saying EID MUBARAK.

These festivals fill the gap which happened due to some political disturbances among the people of various religions.  Festivals not only spread the excitement but also it helps the world to live like brothers.

Today the world is facing many types of wars like war for countries, war for positions, financial wars, religious wars, terrorism and etc. But the festivals of any religion work as water to control the fire of wars which the world is facing. Mostly in every war the victims are common people only. So our religious beliefs and festivals spread love and affection among the people and they are mostly helpful in spreading harmony.

 Today the most essential requirement of the world is to stop wars and killing of decent people. No one likes war then the big question of the world is why only war had became the solution for all the litigation. The problem which is more complicated also can be solved by love, then why war and killings. 

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