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Thursday, September 16, 2010

                             STRESS BUSTERS

We are living in a fast-paced world.  With the dawn of cutting-edge technologies, we are always on the move, and as a result of this, we are in constant stress.   When we are stressed out, we are longer the same and not good to anyone.  A stressed out person will snap at everyone and continue to sink deeper and deeper into trouble until he can no longer live a normal life.  But, there are ways in which we can avoid stress.  If people from all walks of life can put these following simple formulas into practice, they can beat stress and keep it at bay.

BREATHE : Many of us are shallow breathers.  Shallow breathing is the primary cause of many diseases; e.g., headache, palpitation, nervousness, blood pressure, etc.   Deep breathing, on the other hand, is the best form of breathing.  People who breathe deeply – from the stomach – are usually full of energy and they are not stressed out easily.  When we breathe deeply, we take in lots of oxygen to our blood stream, and oxygen as we all know, gives life.  When he inhale and exhale deeply, our lungs are purified.  The carbon dioxide is released causing well being for the entire body.  To do this breathing technique, first lie down or sit in a comfortable chair, keeping your back straight.  Close your eyes and focus your mind on your stomach; visualize the stomach rising up and down when you inhale and exhale.  Hold this for a few seconds.  Now, inhale deeply (see your stomach sucked in) and exhale slowly (see your stomach rise up).  Do this for 3 times.  Come back again, and do it three more times.  By doing this deep breathing, our lives totally change; we no longer suffer from mood swings, or from headache, or any other form of debilitating attacks that places a hindrance from living a normal life.

LAUGH :  They say laughter is the best medicine; it cures a myriad of diseases.  One of the best ways to keep stress at bay is to laugh.  When we laugh, we release stress and negative energy that keeps us bottled in from expressing ourselves.  Laugh with your friends; don’t keep a poker face.

SMILE : “A smile increases your face value”, says a T-shirt.  Not only this, a smile can transform us into a beautiful person.  When we smile, our mood changes and this, in turn, changes the moods of people around us.  Who can resist a person who smiles?

EXPRESS YOURSELF :   A volcano erupts when it can no longer hold the roiling mass of lava inside; it spews it out and empties itself.  Likewise, we should not store inside us stress, anger, frustrations and other negative emotions.  Keeping them bottled up inside only creates more problems for you and for others around you.  Before they damage you, take control of it.  Release those bottled up stress and negative energy.

TAKE A BREAK AND RELAX : Wherever you are or whatever you are doing, stop them for a minute because you are going to take a break and relax a bit.  First, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the beech, lying down on the soft, gentle sand; the wind gently caressing your hair and filling your lungs.     Imagine yourself floating in the fresh sea breeze, without any care or worry.   Try this whenever your work load increases or when you are at the point of being stressed out.

CALISTHENICS : You don’t need a big room or place to do some exercise.  Wherever you are, drop what you are doing and relax those joints and stretch your aching muscles.  You can do it in a chair, if you are at the work station. Or, get up and walk the stairs.   Do them gently and slowly and inconspicuously. At the end, do some deep breathing to pecker you up.

EAT AND DRINK HEALTHY FOODS : Living on junk foods – pizza, burger, patties, soft drinks, sweets, etc., will do no good.  Only when we are under stress, we tend to eat junk foods.  Stop consuming those high-fat, processed junk foods.  Eat leafy greens, eggs, fish, poultry, fruits and nuts.  Consuming them will provide us with all the minerals, vitamins and proteins we need to live a stress free life. 

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