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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A verb is an action word.  It tells about an action; 
they are called action verbs. Sometimes you can see the action.

Example :  We played basketball.

                   Crystal posted her letter.

Some verbs name action that we cannot see.

Example :  Christine knew the answer to the question.

                   Francois learns quickly.

Other verbs do express an action.  Instead, they state that something is. 

These verbs are called state-of-being-verbs.  

The following are some state-of-being verbs.

Examples : am     is   was   be    been   become    feel  sound
                     Is     are   were  being  seem  smell   taste.

The month of May is always hot in India

These CDs are mine.
                   UNDERLINE ALL OF THE VERBS:

1.    Popcorn often tastes too salty.

2.    The elevator is over there.

3.    Snow covered the mountains.

4.    My father jogs everyday.

5.    My cousin arrived yester from France.

                             MAIN VERBS AND HELPING VERBS:

The verb in a sentence can be made up of one word or several words.  When there are two or more words that make up the verb, the last word is the main verb.   The other words are helping verbs. The most common helping verbs are the forms of be, have, & do.

Helping Verbs              +       Main Verb   =   Verb

Is                                 +       watching    =   is watching

Has                             +       watched      =    has watched

Could have been       +       watching    =   Could have been watching.

The helping verb and main verb are sometimes separated by other words:

Example : He will usually watch.

                 He must not have heard.

The following helping verbs can also be used as main verbs:

Examples :   am,  is,  are,  was,   were

                   Have,  has,  had

                   Do,  does,  did

I am an excellent tennis player.

We had tuna fish for breakfast.


1.    Joann does not live there anymore.

2.    The moon has just set.

3.    Cathy has painted a natural scenery.

4.    They should have organized a search party.

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