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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Management Lessons from the Mahabharatha-Amazing!!

Glad to share a very different analysis of the Mahabharata and some awesome Management Lessons for us to learn and implement.

Key Points

Ø       Turn your weakness into strengths
Ø       Turn enemies into allies
Ø       Share your responsibilities
Ø       Teamwork scores over individual effort
Ø       Right Team=Right set of individuals. The right man for the right job.
Ø       Commitment scores over Competence
Ø       Team Interests over Individual Interests
Ø       Know your enemy/challenges.Exploit it’s weaknesses. Take calculated risks.
Ø       The Right Managers: To inspire,invigorate,counsel in crisis.
Ø       Know Ground realities.Accept different ideologies. Cooperate
Ø       Empower Women. The Gender balance is required for stability and administration.

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