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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

                       THE PRINCIPLE PARTS OF VERBS :

Every verb has many different forms.  All of these different forms of a verb are made from just three parts.   The three parts of any verb are called the principle parts.

The principal parts of a verb are the ‘present’, the ‘past’, and the ‘past participle’.

PRESENT                        PAST             PAST PARTICIPILE

Walk                               walked                  (have) walked

Print                               printed                  (have) printed

Carry                              carried                   (have) carried

The present part of the verb is its present tense.  Add – s or – es  to form the singular. The present part used with will or shall forms the future tense.

The past part of the verb is its past tense.  Every verb that forms its past tense by adding – ed   or – d to the present form is a regular verb.  Most English verbs are regular.

The past participle is used with helping verbs to make other forms of the verb.  Here are some examples.

Has walked           
had walked           
will have walked   
shall have walked

Have walked  
was walked 
has been walked     
should have been walked


1.     stop (past participle): have looked

2.     promise (past) _______________

3.     laugh (past) _________________

4.     protect (present) _____________

5.     decide (past participle) ___________________

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