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Sunday, October 31, 2010

William Henry Gates

William Henry Gates III

Date of Birth:   
October 28, 1955
Founder of Microsoft.
Wife’s Name:  
Melinda Gates
Children’s Name: 
Jennifer,Rory & Phoebe
Father’s Name:
William H.Gates,Sr.
Mother’s Name:
Mary Maxwell Gates

He was born in Seattle (USA).  As a young boy, he attended Lakeside School.  While he was at school, he spent most of his after school hours, developing programming language from the school computer.  As he developed more and more knowledge, he was determined to pursue computer software.  It was for this reason he dropped out of his Harvard University studies to pursue a career in software.  He and his friend, Paul Allen, together developed a programming language called BASIC.  With the success he and his acquired, Gates and Paul went on to start the famous “Microsoft Corporation”.   The company market Microsoft BASIC, a computer language of MS-DOS operating system.  Their product was a grand success and Microsoft Corporation became a key player in the software industry. 

In 1981, he joined hands with IBM and Gates licensed MS-DOS to IBM and the Personal Computer was launched.  Together –- Microsoft and IBM -- developed and partnered to create more advanced operating systems like OS/2 and PS/2, and OS/2.   Eventually, the partnership with IBM was dropped over some internal friction and slowly the Operating System was replaced by the popular word “Windows”.  From then on, Microsoft went on to develop several range of software and became dominant in the US and around the world.  

Gates handed over the reigns of his giant Microsoft company and took to charity.  In the early 2000, Gates and his wife started “Bill and Melinda Charitable Foundation”.   Today, this organization helps people with AIDS, sponsor scholarship programs, and various other causes for humanity.  His desire to serve humanity, especially the poor and the needy had come true through his foundation.  Many billionaires like Warren Buffet, donated billions of dollars to his charitable foundation.

Honor and Accolades:

Gates won several honors and accolade, both for Microsoft and for his relentless effort to serve humanity.

Top 100 most powerful people in sports, The Sporting News, Ranked 28th, 1997.

Top 100 influential people in media, the Guardian, 2001.

Honorary KBE from the United Kingdom announced, 2004

In 2010, he won Bower Award for Business Leadership.

In 2006, he received Innovator of the year award.

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